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KNOW YOUR BUDGET BEFORE YOU BOOK YOUR PROJECT. A common misconception among organizations is that the lowest bid is the best bid. Not so; just because a production company promises to do a good job doesn't mean they will be thorough, efficient, timely, or even professional. In fact one of the best ways to ruin your project is by letting the "Corporate Bidding" process guide your decisions.
Our recommendation is that you establish your budget and stick to it; with some flexibility of course. But be upfront about what you want to spend and don't play poker with your company project. Keeping this a secret is how you waste time reviewing a multitude of invoices.
A good producer can take any figure you submit as your budget and tell you right away whether or not your goals are reachable.
HAVE SAMPLES READY TO SHOW YOUR PRODUCER. One of the best ways to save time and money is to have samples of work that you like and admire so your producer doesn't have to guess what you want. Doing this will make more productive consultation meetings and ensure that there is a clear vision for what your end product should look like. Your samples don't have to be previous versions your own productions, they can be youtube or vimeo links to something you want to use as a springboard for ideas.
Also, know that no single sample has to be perfect or even have all the elements that you like. You can collect multiple samples and use each of them to demonstrate an individual element you admire.
AUTHORIZE A SINGULAR PERSON TO BE YOUR "PROJECT MANAGER" Establishing a Project Manager for your production is critical. A Project Manager centralizes all of your decisions and minimizes the risk of failure due to miscommunication.
ESTABLISH EARLY, YOUR NEEDS, WANTS AND REQUIREMENTS. In order to set the project off on the right foot, make a list of priorities for your producer to be shared at your initial consultation. Your NEEDS are going to be the goals which the project is looking to fulfill. Your WANTS are going to be the preferences which would be nice but can be compromised for the greater good of the project. Your REQUIREMENTS are those things that without which the project can not exist. Examples may be: language requirements, location requirements, timelines, deadlines, target audiences, takeaway message.
Be very careful not to confuse needs and wants because you will be essentially changing the direction of the final communication. For instance, saying you need your your CEO to be interviewed near to a window is inaccurate. "Being interviewed near a window is a want, because achieving the goal of doing the interview can be executed elsewhere. Unless, he is the CEO of a window manufacturing company, in which case, an interview near a window is a need; in fact, its a borderline requirement.
Finally, prioritizing the NWR (needs, wants and requirements) is something that can not be changed in the middle or latter stages of productions. The creative development and art direction of the project will have already moved toward hitting a certain target. If you re-prioritize your NWR midway through, you will be moving the target; suffice it to say, U-turns are expensive.
SPEAK HONESTLY AND CRITICALLY. Walk into any corporate office in America and you will invariably hear co-workers speaking in muddled, unspecific, politically correct phrases about projects that the team is working on. They will be no-doubt offering up suggestions and opinions, but, if you listen closely, you'll hear statements that don't commit the person speaking to a position. You'll hear criticisms like, "…it could be better". Well, big deal, theoretically, anything "could be better". That statement means nothing, it's an exercise in how to talk without saying anything. A good producer wants to know how, it could be better, not that it simply "could be better". Producers in general, would rather hear hot, searing, bone cutting criticism so that this production will be the best it can be.
At your initial consultation, use clear and honest communication. "Subtle Superlatives" and "inverse Hyperbole" can totally wreck an otherwise perfect production because it does not accurately express anything. For example if something is bad, say," it's bad"; not "it wasn't terrible " or "it's not our favorite". These phrases and those like them may be politically correct in the office but in media production they just waste time.
Your producer depends on you to be honest and critical.
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Enter the name for this tabbed section: DOCS
    Please know that these terms of service, in conjunction to your booking form, retainer agreement and emails will function as the governing documents for your production with Intelligent Art Media.
    These terms and policies apply generally to all contracts. For inquiries regarding specific contracts; refer to the relevant documentation.
    The general terms listed here may change without notice, however signed retainer contracts will only be amended by signature. Amendments to these general terms will only be recognized in writing.
    It is the responsibility of the signed parties for any production to read and know each of the policies applicable to their production.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: BILLING
    Project balances over $500.00, initial deposit of 50% is due in order to reserve your production date and services unless otherwise specified in writing. Deposits are non-refundable regardless of circumstance.
    Expenses for third party services including but not limited to:music production, talent casting, lighting, location scouting, equipment rentals, transportation, make-up, script writing and art drafting will be invoiced separately, as needed.
    All travel expenses including, but not limited to: tolls, lodging, parking, airfare, mileage...etc will be invoiced separately, as needed.
    Travel times exceeding 90 minutes or distances greater than 50 miles between starting and finished points, will incur a $75 per hour traveling fee.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: EDITING

    • All edited projects, including but not limited to: photography, audio/video production and graphic design will include at least one "STUDIO DRAFT". Client is to review the studio draft and submit all changes by a single email within 3-5 days. Intelligent Art will make the requested changes according to the client email and render a "CLIENT DRAFT". The first client draft is final; at which point only technical issues such as, "glitches", "drop frames", etc.. will be corrected. Once that email is received any further creative edits or renditions may incur a hourly editing charge; billed separately.
    • If a studio draft needs to be reviewed by multiple managers or dept heads within your company, please see to it that all of the necessary critical notes and changes are collected before submitting your editing changes. As mentioned previously, only one email will be accepted. Any further changes will incur an additional charge.

    Kenson Noel Photography [KNP],VarsityPRO Sports Video and Intelligent Art Media will not be held liable for creative dissatisfaction where one or more product drafts have been approved by signature or email for final rendering.
    Client assumes all responsibility for securing relevant permissions to use any trademarked and/or protected content.
    Intelligent Art Media reserves all copyrights and privilege to freely demonstrate, display or publicly showcase any finished work as a product of Intelligent Art Media.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: PAYMENTS

    Intelligent Art Media strictly enforce policies regarding late and non-payments. Balances are due no later than 10 days after invoice date unless otherwise specified in writing. No services will be rendered, no products will be shipped and no consultations will be made without all deposits and/or balances being received; regardless of personal or corporate deadlines.


    Payments will be considered late 10 days after invoice date, at which time, client will be notified by email that their payment is late. Payments arriving late for any reason may halt or slow production times. Productions may not continue until payments due are made. Client will have 20 days after they have received a late-payment notifier to complete their payment without penalty.


    Any project carrying an unpaid balance exceeding the "late-payment" terms will be closed and archived. The relevant project will incur a $30 surcharge if it is to be taken out of the archive and reopened.

    Any amount not paid when due for which an outside collection agency and/or an attorney is retained, will result in the customer's liability for all legal fees, interest,and costs associated with the collection of the past due amount.
    Acceptable payment forms include certified check, corporate check, cash, certified check and credit card. Projects will not commence production until payments are received despite when they were mailed.
    State sales tax will be applied to all invoiced products.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: RUSH SCVS
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Service requests made with less than 7 days notice will be subject to a 40% surcharge. Requests made within 15 are subject to a 20% surcharge.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: MEETINGS

    Phone conference between IA Producers and clients will take place between 9am and 4:45pm. Subject matter for phone conference will be restricted to general introductions, client consultations, alerts, status updates, and urgent production requests. All other maters will be discussed via email.
    **NOTE: All phone conversations are free of charge while all face to face meetings will be subject to a consultation fee.


    Exploratory meetings if done face to face, will be held in a seated atmosphere; the aim of which will be to establish the goals, audience and the general art direction for a project. Exploratory meetings can also be done ever the phone and by email; if done in in person, may be subject to a consultation fee.


    Development meetings are always done face to face and are only held once a project has already passed the exploratory phase. Development meetings are not always necessary, however in the event they are; subject matter may include hair, makeup, styling, font selection, technical requirements, logistics, scripting, third party services, location scouting, scheduling, casting, colors, themes, catering, wardrobe, etc…or any of the other aspects of project which will effect the outcome.


    For projects already in progress, meetings may be necessary to redirect a project, either partially or completely. In these cases, the meetings are done face to face in a seated atmosphere. The content of the meetings will include changes for all of the necessary service, new billing schedules, outstanding balance adjustments, and logistics for making the transition.

Enter the name for this tabbed section: STANDARDS
    Finishing times for a project always depend on the nature of the work performed. However, most work can be completed in 10-15 days.
    Photography file types include: jpeg, psd, png, DNG, TIFF @300dpi
    Video file types include: mov, mp4, mts @1920x1080
    Audio file types include: mp3, wav @
    16 bit 44.1 kHz
    Document file types include, pages, doc, pdf, html, keynote, ppt, numbers, xls
    All client drafts are rendered at the highest practical size, resolution and quality according to common professional standards. However, if your organization requires a rendering other than that which is listed above, it should be noted in writing by email before the project is started. In the event that such details are not provided prior to commencing the project, there may be a fee for having to restart project with the new settings.
    Projects cancelled after a deposit has been made will not be charged for any further production costs. However the initial production deposit will not be returned under any circumstances. Third party costs may still be due.
    All client drafts and renderings will be uploaded to a Dropbox folder which will remain active for the life of the project. When new link notification has arrived, clients are encouraged to download it immediately as the link will be removed within 7 days after the project has been closed.
 Terms of service are subject to change without notice. 

When booking online, please be sure that your information is valid as of the submission date. If the details of your event change, you can re-submit a new order. However, only the most recent order will be followed. Also, please know that re-submitting new information must be done in a timely manner. As a policy, new details will not be accepted within 7 days of any event. No production services will be commenced with out a signed production order.


Filling out a booking form is your official request for media production. However, the request does not automatically reserve production services. Please know that your project will only go into production after a deposit has been made. All submissions are provisional and subject to review. Replies are typically made within 24-48 hours either by email or phone.

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